Activities and Events December 5, 2017 by

St Giles

Update from Expand’s activities in Malawi

For many years St Giles International has donated generously to several chosen charities. One such charity is Expand, a UK organisation that aims to help facilitate education for people in poor and disadvantaged communities across the world. They currently operate in Malawi and in the past, money from St Giles has helped towards the building of new schools.

In 2017, St Giles sent £4,700 in total to Expand which went towards the continued development of a primary school in Chisala, Northern Malawi. The donation for 2017 also helped fund a secondary school bursary scheme for six students.

Money donated by St Giles was also used to build houses for the school’s teachers, which have been completed this year. This is important for this remote area, in which both teachers and students travel long distances to attend the school.

This year, Expand also put their efforts into aiding a small primary school in Kalungulu, called Mkoko Primary school. St Giles’ donations went towards building new classrooms and installing solar panels.

Expand’s planned projects for 2018 include a giving more children the chance to read by providing schools with photocopying facilities, as books are extremely expensive. They also plan to purchase more laptops and IT facilities for schools and improve sanitation systems at Chisala.

Expand is a small but fantastic charity that does great things to help local communities. We aim to provide them with as much support as possible in the future with our continued donations.

You can read more about our charities here.