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St Giles

Vancouver Sun Run

Celebrating community spirit, health and fitness!

Vancouver is home to the famous “Sun Run” which each year attracts enthusiasts from all around the world who come to the Canadian city to take part and race down its main streets, through the beautiful parks and along the coast. It is Canada’s largest 10K road race and the 2nd largest timed 10K in the world!

This year the race attracted almost 50,000 participants from the community and abroad, and our administration team at St Giles Vancouver joined together to form a corporate team for the event.

Frances Seaton, the Director of St Giles Vancouver, was pleased with the achievement of Team St Giles:

“One of our teachers came in with a very impressive 37-minute run, most of us took around 1 hour, and there were a couple of walkers as well! We had a great time, though some of us were walking funny for a couple of days!”

The primary aim of the Sun Run is to “promote health, fitness and community spirit, and to support amateur athletics”. Since 1997, one dollar from each Sun Run registration has been contributed to Raise-a-Reader, a national literacy campaign. The campaign went national in 2001 and has since raised over $10 million. Sun Run proceeds also benefit British Columbia amateur athletics through the Achilles International Track And Field Society and The Vancouver Sun Jerome International Track Classic, an annual track and field event that gives local athletes the chance to compete against some of the world’s best in their own province.

This year many runners wore blue and yellow to support the victims of the Boston Marathon.


You can find out more about the Vancouver Sun Run online here. If you are interested in taking an English course in Vancouver, feel free to contact us at, or you can find out more about our English school in Canada online.