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St Giles

Student Interview: Koji Ota Studying at St Giles San Francisco

Koji travelled to San Francisco to improve his English in order to fulfill his dream of one day being an English teacher and baseball coach. While studying in San Francisco, he started volunteering as a baseball coach for American 7th graders. Lauren, Director of Studies at St Giles San Francisco, interviewed Koji to find out more.

1. How did you start coaching baseball in San Francisco?

I went to a park in San Francisco, where some guys were playing baseball with their coach. I asked the coach if he needed any help, and he said “Yes.” I was so surprised!

2. What do you do on a typical day as a baseball coach?

I play catch with the players and help them with batting practice. Last week, when I went to the park the coach asked me if I wanted to make a training menu for the guys. It was a challenge, but I’m learning a lot!

3. Do you think coaching baseball has improved your English?

Yes. It’s sometimes difficult to explain movements and training in English, but the coach and the players are very kind, they help me with new words and give me tips for explaining in English.

4. Have you been to any professional baseball games in San Francisco?

Yes, of course. I’ve been to two Giants games. They were really amazing. Watching the game, eating hotdogs, and hanging out with baseball fans was really a dream come true!