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Student Stories: My favorite time of year

Ji Young Seo from Seoul, Korea, is currently studying at our San Francisco centre. Here, Ji Young shares her annual Christmas tradition of celebrating the holidays in a different country each year.

I have many beautiful memories about Christmas Day. And 4 years ago, I made a plan for Christmas Day with my sister and friends. The plan is that we spend it in different cities every year. We started that plan 4 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, we had a great time. We ate very sweet and creamy cakes and visited a lot of stores with toys and at night we went to some sky lounges. We drank some cocktails and listened to live music.

3 years ago on Christmas Day, we visited Hong Kong. I had heard that the streets of Hong Kong are beautifully decorated for Christmas. There were lots of beautiful Christmas trees and buildings. We took lots of pictures and took a video with a camcorder. And food was delicious too.

2 years ago, we went to Singapore. Singapore was fantastic. The city was clean, people were polite, the food was delicious, and the Christmas decorations were really, really fantastic.

And last year, we had planned to go to Canada, but I needed time to prepare to study abroad. My sister and friends were really busy too. So we changed our plan. We went to Jeju Island which is a famous island in my country. The city was not new to me but we had happy times. We were able to eat expensive steak because we had saved from the cost of our flight.

Now, it’s only January, but we have already started to discuss about our Christmas trip for this year. I want to go to New York, but my sister wants to go to Finland and my friends want to go to Australia and England. We have to discuss all this. But I know we are going to have a really fantastic time on this Christmas Day, too!!!

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