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Study in Safety with St Giles- Health and Safety To Prevent Against COVID-19


As a family company, we’re fully committed to making sure that you are as safe as possible whilst studying with us. In these unprecedented times, we have been working hard to ensure that you will still be able to have an amazing experience, whilst staying safe and well, whether at school or in your accommodation. From day 1 to your final day with us, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of!


To do this, we will be introducing the following list of measures:

Your ClassesYour classes:

  • - Where necessary, classes will be smaller or split between classrooms to ensure social distancing can be maintained, and classrooms will be reorganised to help with this
  • - Lesson times will be staggered where appropriate to reduce the pressure on corridors, communal areas and public transport
  • - Teaching techniques will be adapted, including the use of technology, to provide the best learning conditions
  • - Students will be tested for level before arrival
  • - Digital handouts will be used as needed to avoid sharing resources
  • - Classes will be rearranged to minimise the number of students and staff you have contact with, creating class bubbles where possible 


Around the schoolAround the school:

  • Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities will be widely available around the school and clear rules on personal cleanliness will be enforced
  • The cleaning of the school will be stepped up to include daily disinfection of all high frequency contact areas
  • Movement around the school will be managed to ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • Floor markings will be used to ensure suitable spacing in areas where queues will form, including outside the building
  • - Posters outside and around the school will give clear information on personal hygiene and social distancing
  • - Students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings on their journey to and from school, and around common areas where appropriate
  • - We will be ventilating classrooms as much as possible 


Your accommodationYour accommodation: 

Our host families can't wait to welcome you into their homes! You can meet some of them in our video

  • - We will only be providing single room accommodation, except for family members travelling together
  • - All of our residences are implementing their own health and safety measures, which meet our requirements. Please contact us to find out more about a specific residence
  • - We are providing guidance to our host families on how to keep themselves and students safe at home
  • - If a student becomes unwell with COVID-19, or their host family do, we have provisions in place to ensure students can isolate safely and comfortably if needed


Your St Giles ExperienceYour St Giles Experience:

  • - The Social Programme will be redesigned to take account of changed circumstances, but will still provide students with the opportunity to make new friends and explore different cultures whilst practising their English
  • - Many of our schools have large outside spaces, where students can socialise and activities can take place
  • We will be combining with St Giles Live for online events which will allow students to meet and share experiences with the global St Giles family
  • - Find out more about our online events on our Instagram account


Your St Giles ExperienceYour welfare:

  • - Welfare and safeguarding procedures will be adapted, and fresh training will be provided to all staff, with a particular emphasis on how mental health may be impacted by current circumstances
  • - Students will be able to meet welfare and academic staff as needed either in person where appropriate (following social distancing) or online

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at hq@stgiles.co.uk