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St Giles

Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater – St Giles New York City

The Platinum Students taking English Courses in New York with us voted with their voices recently, when they enjoyed a visit to Amateur Night at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Many talented singers and dancers performed but only the artists who got the loudest response from the crowd would win the competition. We clapped, cheered, shouted, and hoot and hollered for our favorites. We especially liked the break dancer from Japan (who had the most amazing moves we’ve ever seen!) and a singer from New York who brought the house down!

The stage at The Apollo Theater became is where many iconic artists got their start. The Jackson 5, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Patty LaBelle and many others have rubbed the lucky tree trunk and performed on the Apollo stage. The history lives on as new talent continues to be discovered by the audience in Harlem. Who knows where Wednesday’s lucky winners will be next, Madison Square Garden perhaps?

All in all it was a fantastic evening even if we were a little hoarse at class the next day!

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