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Student Review: The St Giles San Francisco Halloween Party!

Our English school in San Francisco recently hosted a Halloween party. Halloween, the 31st October, is always a big event in America and many people dress up in different spooky costumes to celebrate. We were pleased to share this fun tradition with our international students and invited them to come along and dress up as well.

Jina Jang, a student studying at St Giles San Francisco at the moment, sent us this review of her time at the party:

“I hadn’t made up my mind about going to the St Giles San Francisco Halloween party until the day before the event. I arrived in San Francisco one week before the party on Saturday, October 22nd. I’ve only been going to this school since Monday, October 24th so I had no friends. Also, I didn’t speak English very well – it’s getting better, though.

I thought, ‘I don’t know anyone and I can’t speak English very well so I can’t go to the Halloween party’. But I changed my mind and I’m glad I did. It’s an opportunity to make friends and practice my English.

So, I decided to put my name on the party list. But there was another problem: what was I going to wear and how could I find a costume! I went to a costume shop, but I couldn’t find anything. Every costume was attractive, but too provocative. I thought to myself, ‘I can’t wear THAT!’ I ended up buying a cat hair-band.  Nevertheless, I had a great time without a fancy costume. But next year, I’m going to be an awesome character, like Lady Gaga.

I looked so weird in my normal clothes. Everyone looked so great, terrific, scary and hot! I had a great time, though. I drank beers with my classmate, Claire, and hung out with people from my class and friends of friends and people I didn’t know but had only seen their faces around school. Everyone enjoyed the Halloween party at St Giles. I love this party culture in the U.S. We can enjoy and learn from other people and share new things, whatever they may be. It’s a special experience for me to take part in Halloween at St Giles. I can’t wait for next year’s Halloween party.

Thank you, St Giles <3”

You can see some photos from the party below, including one of our Center Director, Megan, and there are more on our St Giles Facebook page. As well as parties like this one, St Giles San Francisco offers students many activities and excursions outside of the classroom, so they can practice English outside of the classroom and experience American culture. You can see a sample activity timetable online here:

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