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English Language Summer Camp for Kids

Enrich your kids’ lives and make the most of their summer holidays by enrolling them to learn English abroad in a fun and safe environment.

English language summer residential courses for kids encourage the mastering of English communication while stimulating them to become more independent and pick up new skills. Studying abroad will teach them vital social skills and basic knowledge about the world and different cultures beyond what they already know. These skills can come in handy for future endeavours.

Here are some top reasons why your English language summer residential is something you want your kids to experience!

Living in another country promotes independence.

Studying and living abroad will allow your kids to immerse themselves in a new culture without being constantly dependent on their parents.

When studying abroad, you must adapt to your new environment and culture. Living through this experience at an early age helps young adults overcome and cope with complex challenges and boosts mental fortitude; both are essential skills to acquire for many aspects of later life.

They will learn to communicate their needs and wants in English, which will reward them with the ability to travel independently and live comfortably whilst discovering more about the world around them.

When studying English in their native country, the opportunity for personal growth is much lower as they are less stimulated and not pushed outside of their comfort zone in the same way as they are when studying in a different country.

Learn vital communication and social skills.

Communication skills are vital in many aspects of social and professional life. As mentioned above, learning and communicating in a new language in a fresh unique setting increases confidence in social settings.

Studying English abroad will also allow your children to make life-long friends from across the globe, leading to further opportunities down the line when it comes to holidays and employment opportunities!

Learning a second language often helps improve vocabulary, literacy rate, and language structuring of their own native language. Translating a language into English requires contextual translations, not literal ones, so you might be surprised by new words they learn from looking for the equivalents in English.

Boost their higher education and employment opportunities.

With increased competition, successfully learning a new language in an unfamiliar setting will enhance the adaptability and problem-solving skills that higher education institutions and employers value.

Candidates with intercultural language skills are increasingly sought-after. Having English as an additional language is an important business skill that makes them more rounded and standout candidates. This skill is beneficial during the interview stage for jobs requiring multilingual communication.

Having a foreign language course on their CV, especially at a young age, shows employers that they are happy to be put outside their comfort zone and still succeed.

English Summer School at St Giles International

On top of the benefits already mentioned, studying English in the UK, where English is the first language, offers plenty of opportunities to practice with others – making the learning process much easier and faster.

St Giles International’s summer courses welcome students from around the world, aged 8 to 17, to attend our Junior Summer Residential Courses to learn English, regardless of their current level.

Our packages include (but are not limited to) weekly high-quality English lessons, residential accommodations, 24-hour welfare checks, healthy and unique diet meals, daily activities, airport transfers, and much more!

Our junior summer courses are available across four key locations in the UK- Brighton, Canterbury, London, or Oxford. Book your course online, or contact our team to learn more!