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Interview with Adam Scott – Brighton Family Course Centre Manager


Adam has been in the TEFL industry for 9 years, he has completed his Cambridge DELTA and has teaching and academic management experience in both the UK and the Czech Republic. For most of the year, Adam teaches at St Giles Brighton, but this summer he became Centre Manager for the brand new Brighton Family Course.

St Giles Family Courses offer families the chance to visit and study in the UK together during the summer. Parents study English in the mornings at our year-round adult school whilst their children have lessons in modern classrooms just a few minutes’ walk away. The families meet for lunch and take part in afternoon activities and excursions organised as part of the Family Course. Over the summer the St Giles Brighton Family Course welcomed almost 70 students from across the world!

Here is what Adam said to us about his summer with St Giles Junior Courses and his career in TEFL.

Favourite Excursion: My favourite excursion was when we took the students to the Brighton Pavilion. I was really worried that the students would get bored but they absolutely loved it. They got so into it and it was so funny to watch. I planned a three stage quiz beforehand that they had to complete while in the Pavilion. The students were asked to write about what they could see, count the dragons on the walls and use their imagination.

Favourite Project: The higher groups did their own Saturday Night Live style show where they took on different personas, we had Paris Hilton for example! Some of the students were the interviewers and they created a whole story around it . We took lots of photos and it was a real success, the students really enjoyed it. Another project I liked was when the students created a dream holiday in class and then in the afternoon they pretended to be travel
agents and tried to sell the holiday to their parents. They were making recommendations and using modals so it was really good practice for their English as well as good fun!

Favourite Summer School Moment: Seeing everyone really engaged with each other and the course.

TEFL Highlight: Presenting in India at the Teacher Educator Conference.

Future Plans: Of course I want to run the Brighton Family Course again! I also want to get into CELTA training and I’m also going to be speaking at the IATEFL conference for the second time.

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The Brighton Family Course team outside the Brighton Pavilion. From left to right: Renaud, Adam, Amy and Tom.

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