Blog November 4, 2014 by

St Giles

Sounds our Bodies Make

When we have an allergy, or a cold, we might  SNEEZE

From our nose, we can snort, sniff, and sniffle.

We also cough, hack, spit and clear our throats with a noise.

From our mouth we sing, shout, speak, whisper, hum, mumble, murmur, mutter, yell, scream, howl, wail, sob, belch, burp, guffaw, giggle, laugh, shriek, whistle, and hiccup.

With our hands we can snap our fingers to make a noise, knock on a door with our knuckles, tap our finger on someone’s shoulder to get attention, drum our fingers on a table to keep a beat, clap our hands to show pleasure,  scratch with our fingernails, slap with an open hand, and we can close our fists and pound the table to make a thumping sound.

With our feet we can walk softly or heavily, we can shuffle our feet slowly, and we can tap or stamp our feet to a beat. When we are unhappy or angry about something, we might stomp with angry steps.

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