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St Giles

Halloween Language

When you see something scary you can describe it with these adjectives:

·         creepy  [his face was creepy with scars and bruises]

·         frightening  [I had a frightening experience, the movie was frightening]

·         horrible  [his scars were horrible]

·         gruesome  [it was a gruesome story of blood and revenge]

These words are usually used together:

·         haunted house

·         house of horrors

·         blood curdling scream

·         trick or treat

·         candied apples

·         werewolf

·         jack-o-lantern

·         pumpkin patch

·         pumpkin carving

·         apple bobbing

·         grim reaper

·         black cat

·         walking dead

·         wicked witch

·         frozen with fear



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