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An Interview with long-term student Caglar Demir

How long have you been studying at St Giles?

I came in June of 2013. For 3 months, I went to a different school just to meet new people and have a different experience but I returned to St Giles quickly because I love the people here so much!  Morgan, Natasha, Amy, Travis, and all of the teachers always care about you and how you’re doing.  It’s like a home to me!

You’re now a student intern for the academic team at St Giles.  How long have you been doing this?

For 6 or 7 months now.  I feel like I was born here!

 What is the most interesting part of being an intern?

Actually, the best part of being an intern in the St Giles office is spending time with native speakers, chatting with them and improving my English.  I learn about formal business English from the team and I get to practice speaking a lot.  It’s a great situation for me!

Who are your favourite teachers at St Giles?

I’ve had so many good teachers!  But I especially like Kelli, Rabiha, and Chris.

When I came here I really couldn’t speak English but Kelli was always smiling and totally friendly with everyone.  I felt comfortable with her.  After then, I met Rabiha in level 3.  The important thing is that Kelli and Rabiha speak to my level.  I can understand everything they teach me.  I can easily remember their lessons.  And then I like Chris a lot too because he knows some grammar is boring but he makes some activities for us to enjoy and we have fun and learn.  Sometimes I don’t know I’m learning because we are just laughing and having fun.  I’ll never forget what he teaches!

Why are you learning English?

For my job. I want to work in an advertising agency.  Also in my country, there are a lot of American agencies and I’d love to work with them!

How did you book your St Giles course?  Who is your agent?

United Towers.  I’ve have a great experience with them!  They made an effort from my first day and they still make an effort now.  They always reply quicly to my emails and ask me if I need anything.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!  They really care about me.

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