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St Giles

TESOL Course

Countries across the globe are becoming more aware of how important the English language is to their overall development. This means that the market for highly qualified English teachers is booming. Because TESOL teachers are so high in demand, it means that they can get up and go to a wide range of different countries, including Japan, Thailand, Brazil and Russia.

With a TESOL qualification you are much more likely to earn a better salary teaching English as foreign language, and you will probably have better working conditions, compared to someone that doesn’t have a qualification. You will also have access to the internationally recognized TESOL jobs board and a large list of language schools, making your search for a job in the perfect location easier.

A job teaching English can be extremely satisfying, as you teach and help others, whilst being able to submerge yourself in another culture.

If you are interested in a TESOL course, contact St Giles, we offer a Trinity Cert. TESOL course, in various different locations.