Professional English Language Courses in UK & CA

Professional English Language Courses in UK & CA

St Giles offers you a wide choice of courses at our English language schools around the world to meet your personal needs, whatever your level, your age or your interests.

Whether you are learning for your career, for higher education, travel or just for fun we have a programme for you. Find the perfect course for you with our course finder.

General English

At St Giles, we offer a wide variety of courses at our schools around the world. Our aim is to help you improve your English language skills, make progress and achieve your aims. Learning English in an English-speaking country is ideal because it allows you to perfect your skills quickly and easily with practice both inside and outside the classroom.

Examination Preparation Courses

At St Giles, we want every one of our student to reach their full potential and succeed in whatever they hope to achieve. That’s why we offer courses that assist students in preparing for a variety of internationally recognised English language exams.

Junior Summer Courses

St Giles Junior Summer Courses offer children aged 8-17 from all over the world an educational and fun programme in a secure environment.

Family Courses

At St Giles, we really do have a course for everyone, no matter your age or language level. We even offer Family Courses, which are designed for parents and children aged 5 to 15. These courses are a fantastic opportunity for parents and their children to bond, learn a new skill, make new friends from all over the world and visit a country that they have possibly never been to before.

Platinum Business Courses

At St Giles, we offer Platinum Language Training at three of our centres across the UK and Canada. Whichever location you choose, the best thing about learning English in an English speaking country is that every interaction helps you practise. Whether you’re in a lesson, watching a show at the theatre or ordering food for your evening meal, you’ll be using English.

Special Courses

At St Giles, we want our students to learn English in a practical manner, so that they feel confident using it in a natural environment, not just the classroom. This is why all of our schools are located in English speaking countries, so that students can continue practising even after lessons are over.

Benefits of Our English
Language Courses

Every St Giles course offers you the opportunity to improve your real-world English. You’ll practise all four skills extensively - we’ll encourage you to learn vocabulary and practise your spoken English, you’ll have chance to read authentic materials and develop your writing, and you’ll be able to measure your progress with regular assessments.

Learning English in an English-speaking country is one of the best ways to quickly improve your language skills as you won’t just be practising in the classroom. Instead you’ll be using them every day - when you go to restaurants, when you meet with your new friends, and when you explore the city.

Our English language courses are created to fit your schedule and needs. Whether you want a short course of 1-2 weeks, or you want to spend a year abroad to improve your English, we have a course for you. You can even add on private one-to-one lessons so our teachers can focus specifically on your needs.

Alongside our range of adult English courses, we also offer courses specifically aimed at younger students and at families. Parents and children (aged 7+) can study English together on their summer holidays with our tailor-made family courses. These are an excellent way for parents to help their children improve their English ready for the next school year whilst enjoying all the benefits of studying at St Giles themselves. For students aged 8 to 17, we offer junior summer centres at a wide range of exciting locations across the UK.