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English Language Tips May 25, 2023 by St Giles

6 Reasons to Learn English As A Second Language

As the world becomes even more diverse, having the ability to communicate through a second language has become an essential skill to have. Which poses the important question, which language should you study? 

For many, English may be the obvious option. This is because English can help open doors for opportunities worldwide. If you need further convincing, here are some reasons to study English as a second language. 

1. Increase opportunity for further education.

Learn English for better opportunity in education - St Giles International

Extracurricular activities give students that all-important edge when applying for university/college. Through these activities, educational institutes can see that an individual has taken extra steps to not only get excellent grades but have also made additional efforts to become more mature individuals that are ready for success.

Learning English as an additional language opens the possibility of being accepted into prestigious universities in your native country and abroad in English-speaking countries such as the UK, USA, and Canada.

2. A global language for business

Having English as your second language can also present increased career opportunities. Being able to meet and confidently communicate or present to important stakeholders is one of the top requirements along with the ability to correctly do your job.  

Whether you’re into business, finance, technology or medicine, being able to effectively communicate in English can present increased career opportunities. So, if you’re interested in working for some of the world’s biggest multinational companies, being able to communicate in English is an important skill to have.

3. Second most spoken language in the world

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Mandarin is the only language that’s spoken more than English in the world. However, it can be argued that English has had more of a global impact since it is widely spoken during gatherings of multiple nations.  

A perfect example of this can be seen through United Nations (UN) gatherings where multiple nations use English as their main language for communication. So, having a firm understanding of the English language is required. 

4. Makes international travel easier.

International travel is also made easier when you can communicate in English. For example, when travelling to a country where you can’t speak the native language, you’ll find that you can still communicate in the airport and with the locals through English. 

Furthermore, you will also find that signs and information for tourists will also be presented in English which will help make your travelling and overall experience easier. 

5. Understanding international content

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The digital age has broken down international and cultural barriers with ease. Today, it has become even easier to access content and information globally. It is estimated that English populates 59% of online web content.  

To access and understand this information, it is important to have an accurate understanding of English.  

6. Live abroad whilst studying English.

Another attractive feature of enrolling on an English language course is the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country as you learn. This also gives the chance to learn about a different culture – their beliefs, values, and lifestyle. 

Immersing yourself and being surrounded by English-speaking natives is one of the fastest, and most effective methods to learning English or any foreign language.  

English At St Giles International

St Giles International offers a wide range of English language courses designed to teach students of all levels. With schools located between Canada and the UK, there are plenty of choice locations for students to choose from.  

Examples of English courses range from:  

  • Basic Beginner Course – a carefully structured programme that teaches essential language skills that builds confidence for daily communication.
  • Intensive Courses – for the most ambitious students keen on learning quickly and maximising their progress. 
  • Exam Preparation Courses – designed to help students who want to prepare for English language examinations such as the Cambridge English exam, IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.  
  • Teacher Training (CELTA Course) – upon completion of the course, students will become certified teachers of English to speakers of other languages.  
  • Platinum Business Course – designed for business professionals, executives, and mature learners, looking to improve their English language skills quickly. 

Find more information about the St Giles schools in the UK and Canada.  

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