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St Giles

6 Ways to Improve Your English Language Skills

Learning English as a second language can be exciting as you learn new ways to communicate with people across different countries, whether in your workplace or at school when travelling or socialising face-to-face or via social media and other digital channels. 

However, writing and conversing in English fluently doesn’t come easy and requires continuous effort. Making it fun and finding different ways to learn can help make the experience less intense and, in some cases, more helpful than traditional learning methods.   

Here are some of our best and easiest tips to help you learn English quicker!  

1. Watching English Language Movies & TV Shows

watching shows to learn english - st giles international

With various streaming services available, it has become even easier for all to consume shows and movies from different countries and cultures whenever they choose.  

Listening to conversations in shows and movies can help you better understand formal and informal language. You will also start getting used to some of the dialects and jargon you wouldn’t necessarily know about from your English language books.  

Turning the subtitles on can help you follow conversations and events much easier. This can help make it easier to pick out terms and sayings that you may only understand to take note of once you can get clarification on what it means.  

2. Conversing in English whenever possible

practicing your english speaking skills by ordering at a restaurant

Practice makes perfect. Challenging yourself to hold a conversation in English is one of the most effective ways to improve and understand the language better.  

Putting yourself in scenarios where you must speak, listen, and respond will help you better grasp the language. Depending on the situation and how to respond correctly, you will get more familiar with the tones and way of speaking.  

Practical exercise #1– If you’re studying abroad, ordering in English at a restaurant is one of the easiest ways to practice your conversation skills outside the classroom!  

3. Reading in English

reading an English book

With easy access to books, newspapers, and written content found on the internet, reading is one of the best ways to learn and practice English by yourself. You can do this at your own pace in a low-pressure environment.  

It is also useful to read out loud, as this can help you improve your speaking and pronunciation skills.  

4. Make note of things you don’t understand

making notes of things you don't understand in English

Whether it’s something you listened to or read in a book or online, it’s important to note words or sentences you don’t understand and get clarification on them later.  

You can then search online or ask your peers and teachers to help you understand this further. Doing so can help you improve your understanding and enhance your vocabulary.  

Practical exercise #2– If you come across an unfamiliar word, find its meaning and make it your “word of the day”- challenge yourself to use the word in your conversations as much as you can throughout the day.  

5. Listen to music in English

Listening to music in English as you travel to class - st giles

In addition to watching movies and TV shows, listening to music is another fun way to improve your English skills. This can be always done, whether at home, at school/work, or as you travel.  

It’s easy to look up lyrics and sing along whilst the song is playing. Looking up the lyrics is another perfect opportunity to take notes of words or phrases you may not fully understand.  

6. Label things at home

labelling things in your house in English - St Giles International

Labelling everyday items in your home can help you remember what things are called. Doing this can help you remember these new terms and names for later conversation or when practising on your own.  

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