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Sincere thanks from a grateful Platinum student

Here is a letter written by Laur Scalzaretto (Brazil), a recent Platinum Student at our London Central school, expressing his gratitude to all the staff who have helped him during his stay.

To all friends of St Giles,

The last day of my course is coming and I feel sad having to leave this school.  In the few days I was here trying to improve my English language skills, I learned many new things and important but beyond all this, one of the things that we consider with great importance it is the admiration and respect for all professionals that working here.

From the smiling and sympathetic friend who greets us every day in the school lobby until the directors that have always expressed concern with our good learning, and especially for all teachers at this school, for all patience and determination that always are willing to teach us how overcome our limits, I leave my eternal gratitude.

On the first day I got here, I was very well received and guided in the best way to have a good development in the course. I received information about the most appropriate level to attend my needs and the program of lessons that has been specially prepared for my personal development. Thus, I soon realized how much the staff of St Giles is organized and adequately prepared to offer us the best education in the right measure of our real needs and conditions of learning.

I don’t want to mention any names in particular because I am afraid of forgetting to thank someone who was important in this time I was here. But I want to leave each person with whom I had relationships, directly or indirectly, my most sincere and genuine thanks.

For all professionals in the St Giles College, I thank you for everything you guys have offered me and that helped me in learning the English language.  Sorry for repeating the same mistakes many times and to be resistant to learning new things but, rest assured that their efficiency and their restless energy could break my barriers and I made more progress than can be imagined.

Thank you and congratulations for the high quality of your work.

Laur Scalzaretto


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