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Welcome to our monthly Grammar Doctor blog post!

If you are studying English and have any questions about English grammar, this is the place to come. Each month we will answer your questions about English to help you as you learn English with us.

This month’s question and answer below comes from the London Central monthly newsletter.

Question: Dear Grammar Doctor,

Sometimes I get really confused about when to use the verbs ‘go’ and ‘come’. Can you help me?

Confused from Korea

Answer: Dear Confused from Korea,

We use ‘go’ to describe movement away from the place or position where the speaker or hearer is. For example: Are you going to the pub tonight?

However, we use ‘come’ to describe movement to the place where the speaker or hearer is. For example: We’ve come to ask you if we can borrow your car for a week.

The same rule applies with ‘go back’ and ‘come back’, but you can use return for both come back and go back. For example: You must have come back / returned very late last night. I didn’t hear you come in.

I hope this helps!

From The Grammar Doctor

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