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St Giles

CSR – What’s It All About?

Have you heard of CSR? CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is very important at St Giles. Below is a brief introduction to what it is and how St Giles contributes.

What are some of the CSR activities St Giles is involved in?

At St Giles we take sustainability seriously and are committed to the continual improvement of this in three main areas; environment, education and society. All schools have a designated CSR Officer who oversees the activities and projects in these areas. As a group, we aim to make each school as environmentally sustainable as possible by using recycled products, having paperless lessons and limiting photocopying. We include discussions on global environmental issues during lessons, we run fundraising and awareness events for various charities and donate money to local and international non-profit organisations. There are 4 main charities that St Giles works with and any money raised in schools for these charities is tripled by head office.

Are there any opportunities for students to get involved in such activities?

Yes, we encourage students to get involved with our CSR projects and raise awareness of our social responsibility across our group of schools. Recent involvements include San Francisco students volunteering at a local food bank, Vancouver students raising money by completing the 10k “Sun Run” and London Central students holding a fundraising coffee morning. Our student handbooks include information on our CSR policies, all schools have a designated CSR notice board and student orientation includes recycling and CSR information.

How important is CSR to the St Giles’ activities?

Social responsibility is very important to St Giles and it is particularly significant in an industry that has such a high carbon footprint. As a company with students from over 100 different countries, it is essential to do as much as we can to offset this unavoidable issue and raise awareness at an international level.

Find out more about CSR at St Giles by visiting our dedicated Social Responsibility page on the St Giles website.