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St Giles

Brazilian Ballet at St Giles Vancouver!

Last month St Giles Vancouver was pleased to welcome Victor Lopes, a classically-trained ballet dancer from Brazil, as a student.

We asked Victor to tell us a bit more about his love of dance and the role it plays in his culture.

“Since I was a child, I have been involved with the arts, dance was my focus, and I was accepted into the Ballet Academy of Cuiaba (in Brazil). I love Classical Ballet because it is both delicate and strong, sensitive and human. You need to feel each movement and you can tell a story without having to open your mouth.”

Victor is also studying law at home in Brazil and has almost finished his studies. Over the past few years, he has been able to play roles in several big name productions such as Moulin Rouge, Icons, Les Miserables, Hair and The Little Prince (in which he had his first ballet solo).

It’s not always been easy for Victor to pursue his love of dance, “In Brazil it is very difficult to have a dance career. The costs are high, making it difficult for dancers. Brazil needs policies to encourage young people who want a career in dance. Brazil has dancers in major countries such as France, Cuba, Russia and Britain, but we need to let people know Brazil is also a centre for ballet. I have heard it said that people who dance have more reasons to live a peaceful life and I can say yes to this!”

We wish Victor all the best for his future!


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