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A Student’s Guide to San Francisco!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a student in San Francisco? We asked Laura, 22, from France to tell us!

“When I just arrived here, I was first impressed by the landscape. During the first days, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures!

There are tons of places to see nearby the St Giles school! If you miss seeing greenery, you can go to Yerba Buena Park, a tiny park in the middle of skyscrapers. Here, I discovered Martin Luther King’s Fountain. It is extremely peaceful and powerful at the same time, the sound of water and King’s words etched in stone touched me.

If you miss the ocean, Ocean Beach is ready to welcome you for a walk. You want a great view above the city? Twin Peaks is your place! If you want to enjoy a good meal, you can go to the Ferry building for the farmers market. Here you’ll find a lot of typical food from California and ethnic food, while admiring the extraordinary Bay Bridge architecture.

By following the waterfront, you find Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. By foot, you easily get to the touristic and strange Lombard street. Then just a short distance away is Coit Tower. There, I discovered the best reward ever: if you take an elevator to the top, you can find the best view of the bay.

If you come to San Francisco, let me give you a small tip: don’t forget your hoodie! It is summer and winter every day here! Even though you’ll see blue skies by day, the cold will also catch you by surprise. I love living in different seasons in the same day!

I personally love discovering new cultures and San Francisco is a true melting pot. It is pretty small and the best way to enjoy the city is to walk around, to feel the different places.

San Francisco is even better than what I expected. This city is so alive, streets are a daily show with clowns, musicians and dancers! In my point of view, the good thing of San Francisco is that there is everything you want.

California is a great place to enjoy the beauty of life.”


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