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Meet Silvia – St Giles Brighton Receptionist

When you walk through the front door of any company for the first time it’s really important that the person who greets you is warm and friendly.  St Giles Brighton is very fortunate to have Silvia Segnani to carry out this vital role. Silvia particularly understands the importance of this job, as she used to be a student here!

Silvia arrived from Italy in 2006, having decided to study at St Giles Brighton for 5 or 6 months and then return home.  However Silvia enjoyed living in the UK so much that she decided to further her studies with an MA in Business Management at Greenwich University in London.

After completing her course successfully, Silvia’s friend and St Giles Brighton Bookshop Manager Antonio suggested she apply for a temporary job in the study centre at St Giles Brighton.  Silvia expected to head back to Italy after 8 months but was offered a permanent job as receptionist and 5 years later, she’s still here!

Over the years, Silvia’s job has changed a great deal. The number of students has massively increased and her role has broadened as a result.  Her day-to-day role includes greeting visitors, producing ID cards and leaving certificates, copying student passports, producing any letters and assisting with IELTS exam registrations.  Fortunately, she has all the St Giles Brighton staff to help make her job easier by her giving support when she needs it. Silvia says “all the members of the staff are valuable, special people and good friends, I love spending my free time with them after work.”

One aspect of the job that Silvia enjoys very much is interacting with a wide variety of people. She likes dealing with enquiries, visitors and students and seeing different people every day. She also likes getting to know the students during their stay and assisting them while they’re in Brighton.

A typical week starts with a busy intake session with all new students on Monday. “The students come to me saying ‘I’m confused’ or ‘I’m lost’!  But by Wednesday, they’ve settled down and the college is more familiar to them” says Silvia.  Her favourite day is Friday – “because the students’ lessons finish at 1pm and they leave the college, so it’s quieter!”

Silvia is also busy outside of work! Last year she joined Brighton’s Soul of the City choir, “I had never sung in my life, but I wanted to try something different.  I thought I would go for it – and I love it!  Now we’re working towards a performance in July.”

Silvia is pleased she decided to stay in Brighton, as she is now well settled in the city with a beautiful flat, a lovely fiancé and of course a great job!

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