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St Giles

Ghostly Visions at St Giles London Central


St Giles London Central’s recent investment in a new 21-camera CCTV security system has already started to bring results. The introduction of the cameras has helped to make the centre safer for students and staff, but the cameras also provided the Principal with a shock during a routine check of footage.

Principal, Mark Rendell, was astonished to observe a blurred ghost-like image of a figure climbing down the rear fire escape stairs at the back of the building at around 5 am on 25th October. A second image taken seven minutes later shows another blurred figure appearing to glide through the rear fire exit door and again come down the steps.

Both images left the Principal confused and urgently seeking answers. At first, he wondered whether the camera had been faulty, but the pictures showed the surroundings clearly. He then checked whether any images were recorded in other parts of the building…

There was nothing.

It was only when he opened the recordings in Windows Media Player that the solution finally occurred to him. What had been picked up on the camera was not a ghost at all but two drops of water that had slowly run down the camera lens in exactly the same places where the fire exit door and the stairs appeared.

After all, there’s no such thing as Ghosts, right?

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