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St Giles

Our Students – An Interview with an Italian Opera Singer

For several weeks over the summer, the classrooms at the rear of St Giles Brighton enjoyed the delightful sounds of student (and professional opera singer) Giancarlo Paola practising his singing in the quieter afternoons! We asked him to tell us about his singing and his experiences at St Giles:

How long have you studied at St Giles?

I enrolled for 7 weeks. I studied English at school and then more intensively for one year. I bought an English book and looked for people who speak English in Italy so that I could practise with them. This is my first time in England.

What have you enjoyed the most at St Giles?

It’s nice to know lots of people. There’s a different routine, but it’s like being on holiday for me! There’s a good structure to the course and I can now explain my opinions a little better!

Where else have you travelled?

I’ve been to London and Guildford to meet a friend and to Oxford, where I had an audition for an opera by Handel. The director was looking for another type of voice, though, but I enjoyed the experience. I had to learn the part, so it was good for my English!

Tell me about your singing.

I played guitar as a hobby with friends as a child and I had private singing lessons with a teacher, but when I was 26 it became more serious and I studied at the conservatoire in Bologna. I’m getting used to working as a singer; I’m looking for auditions, places to sing where people want to hear my voice. When I have a good CV I can try to get work through an agency.

What are you planning for the future?

I plan to study English in the future and improve my level. I am looking for singing work; at the moment I am a freelance engineer and mechanical designer. I design mechanical elements for a metalwork company and for a jewellery company.

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