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Blog November 30, 2013 by

St Giles

Vancouver Weather Words

Canadians talk about the weather all the time. It’s always interesting because it’s always changing. We can’t rely on the weatherman to predict it accurately. So, it’s always a surprise when it actually is as it was predicted!

Vancouver is often called “Raincouver”. We have many words for describing rain here although we like to refer to it as “liquid sunshine”.

showers – it rains for a short period of time, stops, then continues later, stops, rains again

The forecast is for showers and periods of sunshine.

Remember that April showers bring May flowers!

Spitting (big drops but not continuous) or drizzle – tiny drops (continuous)

What’s it doing out there? It’s just spitting. / It’s just drizzling.

Downpour or pouring rain – heavy rain

Wow what a downpour! / It’s pouring rain outside today!

Raining cats and dogs – really heavy rain

It’s raining cats and dogs out there!


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