Blog December 2, 2013 by

St Giles

Just Saying…

The word ‘just’ is probably used too much by my friends in Vancouver. But there are so many uses for it. It just fits with everything! Here are some examples of all the ways we say ‘just’!

When I want to go to [somewhere], I don’t say “I’m going to [the bank].”

I say: “I’m just going to the bank.”

And if I want to say how long I’m going to be? “I’ll just be a minute.“

(Of course we know that I will be longer than one minute – that’s just an expression).

Have a look at this dialogue (of course, this is just an exaggeration):

Sam: Knock knock. Oh, hi Judy. It’s just me. I wondered if I could just borrow your ladder for a minute?

Judy:   Sure Sam. It’s just in the back, near the shed. Do you want some help? I’ll just grab my boots. What are you up to?

Sam:   Oh, I just have to replace a light bulb. We put a new one in last week but then for some reason, it just blew! Glass everywhere!

Judy:   Well, this is just a thought, but if you just bought it, maybe it was defective and you should complain to the store about it. I’m just saying.

Sam:   Yeah, that’s what Pete just said too. Well, I’m just happy that nobody was standing under the light. Just lucky I guess!