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And the winner is…

We recently asked students to write a short article about their time at St Giles and send it to us. The prize was a free social programme event for themselves and a friend up to £60/$120 USD.

Thank you everyone who entered the competition! It was great to read about your great experiences studying English with us at St Giles.

The winning entry has now been chosen! The winner is Claudia Mai, who is currently studying with us at our English school in New York City. We hope you enjoy your chosen social programme activity!

Here is her lovely article, in which she writes of her dream to visit the Big Apple coming true, first for a visit in 2004, and again now in 2012 as she is living there and studying at St Giles!

A Big Dream by Claudia Mai

Since I was thirteen I had the big dream to go to New York City and I want to see the streets crowed with people and yellow cabs and be a part of the City that never sleeps. Since this time I had wanted to know how it must feel. I had thought it must be an amazing and unforgettable feeling.

In 2004 I did have the chance to go to New York. My old German roommate has moved to New York three years before. I have never been forgotten the feeling, I had when I did see the Skyline from New York the first time. It was at night from the roof of the house of my friend. I have been felt in love which this beautiful, amazing City. This love will be forever. I had stayed for ten days and I had known when I have to went back to Germany, that I will come back. I did come back every year, and every time ,when I had to went back to Germany, the dream going to live here would bigger and bigger.

Now my big dream has been become true. I have been lived in New York since December and I going to stay here till the end of June. It is so different, to live here, or stayed here as a tourist. I have been enjoying my study at St Giles and my time in New York and I will do it every day new. The people at St. Giles are very nice and helpful. It is a good school to study English. I think my English getting better from day to day. In three weeks I going to take my FCI-Exam and I hope I will pass it. It is a very interesting experience to live in a foreign country and get more knowledge about the life from people they come from different countries .Germany is so far away but it do not matters. After I had passed my FCI-Exam, I will make a volunteer to get more work experience and improve my English more.

My big dream has been changed my life. My study at St Giles and the time in New York has been changed my life!

If you would like to learn English in New York, you can find out more about studying at our centre there by visiting the New York pages on our website or send us an email to