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Student Stories – Competition Entries

Our last blog post featured the winning article from a recent competition on facebook, when we asked students to write a short article about their time at St Giles and send it to us. The prize was a free social programme event for themselves and a friend up to £50/$120 USD, and the winner was Claudia Mai, who is currently studying at our English school in New York.

Below we are pleased to share some of the other fantastic entries we received, from students who have studied or are studying English with us in San Francisco, Brighton, Eastbourne and London!

St Giles San Francisco, by Jeff

I’m Jeff from Taiwan. My wonderful experience in San Francisco St Giles is beyond description. First, I was only 18 at that moment so I was quite nervous there. However, the staffs were so nice to deal everything with me that my uncomfortable feeling became better soon. They took care of me as their friends and told me lots of information about San Francisco on the first day. St Giles even provides free internet, plenty of computers (computer room), small library where you can borrow videos or books for free, and nice café for students also.

Second, St Giles provides various classes for students from all over the world. Teachers discuss what students want to learn before the class. It makes students learn and improve specific English skills directly. Teachers there not only teach English but also tell local culture, nice restaurants in that city and so on as well.

Third, you don’t have to worry about nothing to do in foreign city because St Giles devotes to holding lots of activities for all students in the school, such as movie time, tennis time, watching Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game, golden gate bridge tour, etc. Besides, staffs join these activities and have fun with students also

St Giles gave me the most wonderful studying experience which I have ever had. For me, it is not only a agency for studying English but also a intimate big family. If you ask me ‘’will you choose St Giles as a language school again?’’, I will answer you without thinking immediately. The answer is YES, definitely.

St Giles Central London, by Mohammadreza Razanifeghhi

These days educated people have to learn English to take opportunities around the globe. it is generally believed that the best place to study English is London. There are many language schools and colleges here, therefore is hard to choose the perfect one. In case of me, I did not have any information about St Giles school and I had to select it, however I am really satisfied to be here.

One of the important factors for pupils to have a better mood to study is the structure of class and building. It is not feasible to learn in small and stuffy class with uncomfortable seat and chair. While St Giles was built as a school around 100 year ago, there are specious and bright classes which have wireless internet access or even smart boards. All of these facilities help us to concentrate on learning and feeling happy.

It is generally accepted that teachers play an important roles in achieving new skills. I think that I have two best English teachers in my life in St Giles. Their methods are unique, beneficial and practical and they change my way of study. For example, I learn to memorize new words easily or be patient and relax about answering the questions. It is fair to say there are many good teachers who teach English language in the enjoyable methods.

If you have any problem about enrolment, education or even selecting university in the London, feel free and ask help from the kind and patient staff, they always try to help you and answer your questions carefully.

Finally, even though I selected St Giles School by chance, I absolutely fascinated to continue my study here.

The Best Summer I ever spent, by Giacomo (Jack) Colle

Once a friend of mine asked me which was the best summer I’ve ever spent. I said the last one! Every time I try to think about a nice period, in which I was happy, I can only think of Eastbourne, and I had it thanks to St Giles.

In that school I met the best people I’ve ever met, and I made a lot of friends, I’m still in contact with some of them, but I miss them all. But the best day of the holiday was when I went to Beachy Head, sitting and look over the edge… I stopped thinking about everything, it was like the time stopped, and I won’t forget that, I couldn’t forget it anyway.

It’s strange the fact that it took just one month to make me fall in love with England, or the fact that now I’m learning more than 3 languages, just to keep in touch with friends from other countries!

This summer I’m going to Brighton, and I just can’t wait, and I say that I’m sad yet for when I’ll have to come back to Italy!

Thank you Eastbourne!

Visiting Buckingham Palace, by Stacy Podluzskaya

Last year when I was absolutely lucky to get to St Giles Brighton, I made one of my dreams come true.

Every Sunday (I had 5 of them), I went to London and just walked everywhere. Once, when it was my last Sunday before I had to go home I wanted to go through TOP London places again. When I was near Buckingham Palace I noticed a big queue there. It turned to be a queue that was going to come inside the Palace! What a surprise! What a chance!

Conscientiously I stood out the queue and received a radio set, picked up English language and immersed myself in history of Palace. I stood right in that place where photographers took pictures of Prince William on the day of the great Wedding. I walked through the rooms, where Queen walked. I looked on the greatest canvases which Royal Family saw everyday. Amazing! Green, gold, red colours of the rooms. The hidden “door” (seemed it was a mirror) from where the Queen could walk through so that nobody could notice her. The dress, shoes, earrings of Kate Middleton. The dress is amazing, perfectly and originally designed. I was the happiest girl in the world!! It’s a pity that they didn’t allow to take pictures there 🙂

Thank you to all the students above who sent us these lovely articles! If you are thinking about coming to England, America or Canada to study English too, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. You can email us at,or you can ask us a question on skype. Our username is

And if you have already come to study with us, we always love to hear from past or present students about their time at St Giles, so please do email us at if you want to be included on our blog!