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St Giles

Former St Giles Student Works as a Bodyguard to Celebrities!

What do students do when they leave St Giles – do they take up exciting jobs using their new-found English skills?  Do they travel far and wide to explore new challenges?  One of our former students did just that: Cengiz Guven studied English at our Brighton school in early 2011 and now works as a bodyguard to the rich and famous! Brighton student bodyguard

He has had assignments all over the world offering protection to royal families, film stars, sports stars and musicians at events, conferences, business meetings and on tours.  On a quick visit to our Brighton office in January he revealed that he does sometimes have to carry a gun in Turkey.  He studied for about 8 months; his starting level was very low – but now he has lots of confidence!

Brighton student bodyguard4Brighton student bodyguard3