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Our View of San Francisco – Yutaro & Kevin, St Giles San Francisco

San Francisco offers a mild year-round climate, fantastic sightseeing, shops and restaurants, bars and nightlife, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the USA! Yutaro and Kevin, students at St Giles San Francisco, tell us what they love about this unique city!

SF students

The many faces of the Golden Gate Bridge show various expressions because of the weather. In particular, when the bridge gets swallowed by fog, people will be impressed that they can’t put their feelings into words because the bridge  looks as if it were floating on fog, and people feel mysterious atmosphere.

The Japanese Tea Graden, a part of Golden Gate park in San Francisco, has reproduced authentic Japanese garden’s vibes faithfully. The garden is the oldest Japanese garden in the USA, and people have planted a lot of glorious cherry blossoms. Let’s go there to view flowers! In the tearoom, you can learn traditional etiquette from staff, who put on expensive Japanese costumes.

Streak through San Fran’s business district on a bicycle. You will find Treasure Island which is a small artificial island located between Oakland and San Francisco. It’s one of the most attractive night view spots. You can relax there because I had never seen an obstacle; such as a commercial advertisement in the island. Needless to say, you can be satisfied with a romantic atmosphere. But don’t forget to prepare for cold not to be caught up with the fever. Also, if you date with a girl, don’t plan anything, pay for a visit there!

 by Yutaro Rocky Shirako, Japan

When you are wandering in the modern downtown of San Francisco, you will see a lot of diverse cultures, such as stunning Chinatown. 

In this urban city, you can feel a typically European vibe. You also can do a lot in San Francisco. There are many attractions to visit, like the beautiful and long Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of the Legion of Honor. The city has a great selection of different restaurants. Because San Francisco is a big city located in the United States, you can visit all kinds of sport games. For example, you can visit baseball, basketball, and American football games all over the city. It is very easy to go to sport games, because there is a great public transportation network in San Francisco.

If the weather is really great and it isn’t cloudy, you should definitely visit the Golden Gate Bridge. The view is amazing. And if you are hungry, you should definitely visit a Mexican restaurant in Mission Street. They really make great super burritos! 

by Kevin Verweij, Netherlands


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