Social Activities May 18, 2011 by

St Giles

New York City – Student trip to the Apollo

As part of our social programme, students taking an English course at our St Giles New York City school were recently treated to a trip to the historic and world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

Keith, a teacher at St Giles New York City, wrote a review of the night for us:

I had the privilege of escorting a group of students to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Although I have lived in New York for over two years, I had never been to the renowned Apollo. I had been looking forward to this excursion for some time and the experience was priceless.

The energy and atmosphere of the Apollo was incredible. Both performers and audience brought spirit and enthusiasm to the place. It was Amateur Night so new hopefuls, both young and old, competed for the top three places – to move on to the next level and possibly win $10,000. Famous professionals shared the stage with the amateurs and the audience danced, sang along and encouraged the performers with their cheers.

The MC kept a running commentary going and entertained us with his comedy between each act. It was so good for our St Giles students to see Harlem in the light of the Apollo – as a diverse section of Manhattan with a long and rich history. I hope we will have more events at the Apollo, in Harlem and other off-beat, exciting neighborhoods in New York.

All students who take an English course with us in New York will be able to take part in our varied and exciting social programme, giving them the chance to make new friends and experience all that this great city has to offer. You can see what is coming up at the school on our website here: