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Student Stories: Studying at St Giles London Central

The St Giles Educational Trust is a charity attached to St Giles International. The registered charity was established in 1970 and its key aim is to promote excellence in English language teaching through the St Giles initial training and continuing professional development programmes for UK and overseas teachers.

The charity also offers scholarships for students to come at study at our schools in the UK. They are offered to people who would otherwise not be able to study abroad. In 2012, one of the scholarships was offered to Amelia from Indoneisa. She sent us the following letter telling us about her great experience studying English at St Giles London Central.

My life has changed forever ever since I went to London for attending English language course in St Giles for 9 weeks. Ever since I returned to my country, I felt more confident to speak English. I have been helping my friends to practise our English by making a conversation in English or providing them some English words or idioms that I got from learning English in St Giles.

My lecturers also are sure that the experience I got from studying in London could help them to encourage students to do better. I am so grateful for the experience St Giles had given to me. It really helps me as I am an English Department student and it also helps my friend to learn English more.

Now I am preparing myself to play a Greece Drama titled “Antigone.” I was chosen to be the main character as my lecturer in Drama class believed that I can make the best of it. Another lecturer from Translation class also believes that I have more knowledge than others to share. Often times she would say that I am the experienced one, sometimes she also asks me to help her translate some works.

The trust I gained from my friends and lecturers in my University to help them in learning and or teaching English only exists because of my experience in London. I cannot thank St Giles enough for giving me a chance to study English in London.

I am going to graduate from my University next year and I already have so many plans for the future. I am going to be a diplomat and I am sure this wonderful experience will definitely help me to pursue my dream. Thank you St Giles!

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Amelia – Indonesia

You can find out more about the work of the St Giles Educational Trust on their website here: