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St Giles

The Language of Wine

Do you like wine that is buttery?  What about wine that is earthy?  Have you ever heard these adjectives for wine before?!

If you study at St Giles San Francisco, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about both English and wine! We offer a monthly trip to Napa or Sonoma, two famous wine growing regions just one hour away from downtown San Francisco.

Red Road Trips picks up St Giles students in downtown San Francisco and takes them for a relaxing day of wine tasting, including a picnic.  Whilst trying a variety of wine in a laid-back and welcoming environment, students get a chance to practice their English and learn new vocabulary, sometimes from the winemakers themselves!

Several students who recently went on a trip to Sonoma reported having long conversations in the tasting rooms and learning new vocabulary such as: bouquet, finish, varietal, full-bodied, acidic, balanced, earthy, crisp, buttery and subdued.


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