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St Giles

Get to know our London Juniors programme!

Our London Juniors programme is a unique, fun, and safe way to experience one of the greatest cities in the world and provides a great opportunity to improve your English. Here are a few reasons why we love our programme so much!

We want our students to see as much of the city as possible

The programme is full of excursions and activities dotted around the city. Like all St Giles Juniors centres, students have 20 lessons a week, however in London these are organised over four days instead of five. This means that our London students benefit from having up to three full day excursions a week. This makes our course even better value for money!


We are right in the centre of London, a short walk away from our students’ favourite hangout… Oxford Street. We are also a short walk away from Regent’s Park which means that our students also benefit from London’s green spaces and can also take part in sports activities should they wish to.

Royal fever

You may have noticed a royal theme in our social programme. At least one excursion a week is dedicated to London’s most famous family!

Week One: Princess Diana Memorial Walk

Week Two: Windsor Castle

Week Three: Tour inside Kensington Palace (Home to Will and Kate!)

Week Four: Brighton Royal Pavilion

Week Five: The Tower of London

Week Six: Tour inside Buckingham Palace!

Students who book the entire six weeks get a full royal experience.

It’s also about the learning

It’s not all about excursions and activities, the lessons are great too! Students work towards weekly projects focusing on communicating through group work and public speaking, perfect for the world’s future leaders. Our weekly themes and topics (such as The Environment) are teen-friendly and engaging. Our academic minded students can upgrade to an extra five lessons a week (free of charge) by joining our English Plus programme.

Students can personalise their course by choosing one of the following electives over two afternoons a week: Language Workshops, Performing Arts, and Speaking & Writing.

London is one of the world’s technology hubs

We have taken advantage of this and created an exciting specialised English and Coding course. This course is great for students who love technology and computer games and who want to use their English to learn something practical and useful for the future.

We are based in a University Campus

Students always comment about how grown up they feel when taking a course inside an actual real university. We feel very privileged to be based at University College London and The University of Westminster. Classrooms are large and modern and the newly refurbished common rooms are stylish and very instagramable. Students love the onsite coffee shop and comfy sofas where they chat away in between lessons.

To find out more about ways of to improving your English in a fun and immersive way, or contact us for more information on pour summer courses.