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St Giles

English Language Tips from St Giles Vancouver

Except (for) = all but

We use this word when we talk about an exception, something different.

For example:

  • Everyone loves pancakes except you.
  • Everyone was early except for you.


apart from, aside from, bar, barring, beside, besides, but,except, excluding, exclusive of, other than, outside,outside of, save, saving


This word is used when we are talking about adding another option.

For example:

  • Everyone else was early.
  • Would you like anything else?
  • I could meet you at your house or else you can drive yourself.
  • You had better bring your umbrella or else you will get soaked.


We use this word to talk about a condition, something that will happen or not happen if another condition is present or not present.

For example:

  • You had better bring your umbrella unless you want to get soaked.
  • I will buy the tickets today unless they are sold out.
  • I can’t wear these jeans unless I lose some weight.
  • I will take the job at the bank unless I get a better offer.

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