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Language Tips

Polite language

Often, we might feel it is too rude or “honest” to say some things. For example, if someone died, we may say someone “passed away”. Somehow it seems to soften the news. We call this language euphemisms.

Here are some examples of euphemisms followed by direct speech that may cause offense:

She is a little heavy –  She is obese, fat, overweight

His father passed away last night –  His father died last night

Your cousin is in a correctional facility – Your cousin is in jail

I need to powder my nose (female) I must use the toilet

He is between jobs –  He is unemployed

We slept together – We had sex

There are many words that people use to talk about bodily functions, restrooms, death, getting fired from a job, etc. They are usually used to add humour to an embarrassing or painful experience.

Restroom –  john, powder room, loo, can, water closet or w/c, bathroom, privy (remember these are words that you may hear and need to understand but it is better for you to simply use the words restroom, bathroom, or toilet)

Talking about death – he bit the bullet, he kicked the bucket, he bought the farm, he croaked, he crossed over, he is deceased, he expired, he is resting in peace, he is dearly departed…

Getting fired from a job – got the pink slip, got the boot, got laid off, got the axe, was terminated, was let go, was downsized, was made redundant, got canned…

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