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Stepping up to better speaking

Stepping up to better speaking by London Central’s Assistant Director of Studies, Andy Gaskins

Being able to speak better English is often the most important goal for students of English, after all, language is about communication and most of the communicating that we do is through speaking. But how can you improve this important skill?

The chart below is designed to help you to speak better by breaking the skill up into smaller parts so that you can make progress step by step. When you have been speaking in English, have a look through the list and decide what you have done well and what you would like to improve. Set yourself some goals for the things that you would like to improve and try to do them better next time!

1. I found a way to communicate even when I wasn’t sure of the right words to use.
2. I connected ideas together with linking words.
3. My pronunciation didn’t get in the way of communication.
4. I used word and sentence stress.
5. I varied the tone of my voice.
6. I said what I thought or how I felt.
7. I added or responded to my partner’s ideas.
8. I used a range of different grammar structures.
9. I used lots of good vocabulary.
10. I took turns and spoke in a polite and friendly way.
11. I asked my partner questions.
12. I repaired my speech after a mistake