Speaking English
Blog April 28, 2014 by

St Giles

Different Scenarios to Practise Speaking English

Think about something you would like to say in these situations:

  • You are invited to dinner with a government leader. You want to express your opinion about something political, something you wish could be changed.
  • You meet someone you really like and want them to go out somewhere with you
  • You want to try a new hairstyle and want to explain it to the hair stylist
  • You are at a job interview and you must use English
  • You must speak about your friend to all the guests at his/ her wedding
  • You are reporting a stolen bicycle / computer / phone
  • You want to convince someone that your idea (on your choice of topic) is the best

Don’t think too much, just try to speak your ideas.  (Pretend to speak to someone)

Then, try writing it down.  Try to improve your choice of words.

Practise once more.  Sometimes it is helpful to imagine an audience first.

Then practise with a friend.

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