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St Giles

A Reason to be Cheerful – Eastbourne!

Being a student at St Giles Eastbourne just got better, as a recent study has revealed it to be one of the happiest towns in Britain!

The survey carried out by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has found a link between people’s happiness and where they live, with Eastbourne in the top position for happy inhabitants.

The study asked people from across the UK to rate their life satisfaction, general well-being and happiness on a scale of zero (“not at all”) to ten (“completely”).  The answers revealed that the most cheerful participants scored highly in factors such as health and career and tended to live in smaller towns and suburbs, such as Eastbourne.

Not only is it one of Britain’s happiest towns, Eastbourne is also renowned for its good weather. With a record of 1,962 hours of sunshine in 2011 and an average of 5 hours and 23 minutes of sunshine a day, Eastbourne was crowned “Sunniest Town in Britain” in 2012 by an expert meteorologist.

So what’s it like to study in Britain’s happiest, sunniest town? Jenifer from Colombia says, “Eastbourne is safe, quiet and small with very friendly people. The school is welcoming and has excellent teachers!”

With unrivalled sunshine, picturesque scenery and an idyllic location on the south coast, what better place to study in the UK than Eastbourne?

If you would like to learn English in the UK, come and visit our English school in Eastbourne!

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