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St Giles

How Many Things Can You Catch?

Frances Seaton, the Director of St Giles Vancouver has shared a lesson from one of the English classes at the school. Can you catch how many ways you can use the word catch in a sentence?

Have you ever caught a fish?

I don’t want to play catch with you.  I can’t catch the ball when you throw it so fast!

When you haven’t seen your friend for a long time, you have to catch up on news.

Can I catch a ride with you?  I need to get to the train station and I know you are heading that way.

What time do you catch the bus in the morning?

The speaker was great but I couldn’t catch what he was saying half of the time.  The acoustics were not good in that room.

Watch out!!!  You are standing too close to the fire. Your clothes are going to catch fire!

Every winter we have to worry about catching a cold.  Many people also catch a cold in spring when the weather changes.  There are so many diseases that a person can catch if they are not healthy.

After the police ran 6 blocks to catch the thief, he had to rest and catch his breath.

Did you catch the game last night?  (= watch the game)  I heard it was a sell-out!

There’s our new neighbor!  I didn’t catch her name.  Did you?

The teacher caught him cheating on an exam.

Did you see the movie, “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio?  He played the part of a young man who broke so many laws in true life and finally got caught.

Catch you later!!!

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