English Language Tips May 14, 2020 by

St Giles

Top 5 reasons to take an online English course

Have you always wanted improve your English, but just never had enough time? Particularly during this period of lockdown, taking a language course online can be a great way to use your new-found spare time and develop a new skill! Thanks to technology and the vast number of platforms through which we can connect with each other internationally, we are able to bring the classroom to your home.

Having recently launched St Giles Live, we have put together our top 5 reasons to take an English course online:

1. Fit the course around your lifestyle: Often it can be difficult to take an English course abroad due various life commitments, so online language courses allow you to be flexible and create a programme that fits around your work or family life. There are a variety of options available such as group lessons or one-to-ones, so you are guaranteed to find something that works best for you! 

2. Study from the comfort of your own home: Learning a new language in a completely new environment can initially be a bit daunting. By being at home and having your own space, or even snacks and drinks at hand, it can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere, build your confidence and therefore enhance your learning experience.

3. Save time & money: Through studying online you can save money on lower tuition fees, transport costs, accommodation fees and other daily expenses that you would normally incur whilst living abroad. You would usually have to travel to and from your accommodation to our centres, so by taking an online course, you also save some time in your day.

4. Enhance skills and career opportunities: Using this extra time in lockdown to learn or improve your English can help you to reach your future academic or professional goals. If you need to secure a place at a university or even increase the job opportunities available to you, taking an online course such as IELTS & Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses or Platinum Courses (for professionals and mature learners), can help towards achieving this goal.

5. Connect with students worldwide and practice your English together: Online learning is an excellent way of meeting like-minded people who are also hoping to improve their English. In a time where travel is particularly difficult, virtual classes give students the opportunity to make friends around the world. Some online courses also offer social programmes and St Giles Live can certainly enhance your student’s social calendar with various online activities in the evenings, including live Zumba classes, quizzes, movie nights, drinks and more. By being available on 3 different time zones (BST, EDT & PDT) there really is something on offer no matter where your students are based.

We hope that this leaves you feeling inspired and now is your chance to take that leap and find out more about St Giles Live or book a course here. If you are not yet convinced, then why not contact us at hq@stgiles.co.uk for a free trial lesson and experience it for yourselves!

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