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St Giles

Our first St Giles Juniors online course

Last Friday we said goodbye to our very first Juniors online students after four fun weeks of spending every morning together. We had a fantastic time, these were our highlights.

Getting to Know the Students

‘Can you wait a few seconds, I want to show you something.’ This is a phrase we heard a lot these past few weeks and our teachers loved seeing what came next. It was lovely to have students show each other souvenirs they collected from different countries, family photos and introduce us to their pets. The atmosphere in our virtual classrooms got better and better as the days went past and at the end, we all became good friends.

Parent Involvement

We loved that the parents could hear their own children speak fluently and participate so well in class. It is great that the parents could witness what we witness as teachers; level improvement, constant learning and confidence building. We also loved it when parents couldn’t help but get involved, shouting out answers from the other end of the room. This was all part of the fun!

Seeing the Students’ Love of Travel

Students got genuinely excited about the places we visited virtually. Our excursion highlight on the course was visiting the Royal Pavillion in Brighton. The students were fascinated by the place and asked so many interesting questions about the building.

Language Retention

We revise language daily and weekly on our Juniors courses. We were so impressed at how much the students could remember at the end of the week. They all deserve a pat on the back and we couldn’t be prouder of them!


It was great to see the shy students come out of their shells and gain an enormous amount of confidence by the end of the course. Building confidence is an integral part of our Juniors courses and we were delighted to see that this is something which can also be done online.

We would like to say a big thank you to our overseas partners, parents and students for supporting us on what was a new project for us, it means the world.

We are looking forward to our Summer courses which start on the 22nd June 2020.

You can view the sample timetable here and our introductory video here.

You can also view sample lesson videos using the links below:

Debate club:

Book club:

Art Lessons:

Virtual Excursion: